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Reasons To Take A Break From Stumbleupon


A Collection of Flash Clocks (For Whatever Reason)

All these I found through Stumbleupon. What a COMPLETE waste of time- eh?




Polar Clock (Click on Block Clock)


Update: More…


Limewire vs. Frostwire

As many people might say – Which is better?

Basically, the Frostwire team disagree with Limewire’s decision to filter content on the Gnutella network. Frostwire will never offer a paid or Pro version unlike Limewire, so Frostwire is completely free, also offering turbo-charged downloads (as far as I have seen so far). The Frostwire team does try too keep a good relationship with the Limewire project. I personally prefer Frostwire 🙂



Ever Feel Guilty About Pirating Music? Here’s the Solution.

This is the way around a guilty conscience for file sharing.


Update: Seem to have lost the image. I’ll post a mirror here when I find one 🙂

Update: Here’s the mirror

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“The Page Cannot Be Displayed”

The IE error message when the page or site you are looking for is currently unavailable, as the site may be experiencing technical difficulties or you may need to adjust your browser settings. Great stuff. Picture thanks to Peter Kaminski.

Death By Caffeine – How Many Caffeinated Drinks Does It Take To Kill You?

Are YOU drinking too much caffeine? Energy Fiend have created this calculator for us to see how many coffees or cokes (There are loads of drinks listed) it takes to kill you, based upon your body weight. The site even has it’s own Caffeine Database.

Energy Fiend – Death By Caffeine

How Fast Can You Type?

A great game testing your keyboard skills! See if you can get on the high scores.

Fingerjig Typing Game

Awsome New Transformers Clips Hit The Web!

Another clip from Michael Bay’s Blog:


One of the top 10 top spammers in the world arrested

A 27-year-old man described as one of the world’s top spammers was arrested Wednesday, a development that federal authorities said could lead to an immediate, perceptible decrease in the amount of junk e-mail winging its way across the Web.

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