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A Collection of Flash Clocks (For Whatever Reason)

All these I found through Stumbleupon. What a COMPLETE waste of time- eh?




Polar Clock (Click on Block Clock)


Update: More…



Homemade Rube Goldberg Machine

Just awesome. That’s what YouTube is all about.

Turn Your Hamster Into A Fighting Machine

Guide to Turning You Hamster Into A Figthing Machine

Crazy Rotating Wall Makes You Wonder if You Are Crazy Too

Liverpool will be hosting a really strange piece of artwork over the next 18 months. It’s called Turning The Place Over by Richard Wilson, it consists of a rotating wall that turns 360ยบ. Cut in the wall of an old Yates’s Wine Lodge – Source.

Death By Caffeine – How Many Caffeinated Drinks Does It Take To Kill You?

Are YOU drinking too much caffeine? Energy Fiend have created this calculator for us to see how many coffees or cokes (There are loads of drinks listed) it takes to kill you, based upon your body weight. The site even has it’s own Caffeine Database.

Energy Fiend – Death By Caffeine

Beer Launching Fridge

A really cool gadget that launches beer very efficiently and accurately! A gadget I, and many other people would probably recommend!

Beer Launching Fridge Video

Hamster Powered Paper Shredder

Do you have too many adapters plugged into in your power strip? This decidedly Flinstonian piece of office equipment eliminates the need for electricity by using hamster power.

Full article here.