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Why Women have a longer life Expectancy than Men

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Reasons To Take A Break From Stumbleupon

Divert Your Course

Hilarious! And this was an actual radio conversation. Actual image here.

Gorgeous view of the outer universe – thousands of galaxies shown

This is a picture is really a monumental achievement of humankind. For Image Click Here.

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Turn Your Hamster Into A Fighting Machine

Guide to Turning You Hamster Into A Figthing Machine

Crazy Rotating Wall Makes You Wonder if You Are Crazy Too

Liverpool will be hosting a really strange piece of artwork over the next 18 months. It’s called Turning The Place Over by Richard Wilson, it consists of a rotating wall that turns 360ยบ. Cut in the wall of an old Yates’s Wine Lodge – Source.

Oldest Known Colour Photograph: 1872

This is the oldest known colour photograph – Source.

There Ain’t No Flies On Us

Some great close up pictures of flies on Flickr.

There ain’t no flies on us!
There ain’t no flies on us!
There may be flies on some of you guys,
But there ain’t no flies on us!

Pictures courtesy of Stewart and AirBrontosaurus.

Pavement Art Illusion

Pavement Art Illusion

Tigers Underwater

Wonderful and powerful animals in the water. Source (Updated).

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