Skoda Cake Ad

Skoda’s latest ad featured this amazing cake, made by probably the country’s best and most skilled and professional chocolatiers and bakers to construct the delicious Skoda Fabia.

I found a little large list of ingredients for you…

  • 10kg white chocolate chunks
  • 3kg orange peel strips
  • 12.5kg raspberry jam
  • 100kg wheat flour
  • 100kg caster sugar
  • 50kg icing sugar
  • 20kg glacier cherries
  • 30kg brown almonds
  • 20kg raisins
  • 25kg dried apricot
  • 5kg cocoa powder
  • 180 fresh eggs
  • 90kg brown sugar paste
  • 40kg black sugar paste
  • 50kg white sugar paste
  • 42kg chocolate fudge



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